120 Applicants in 2 Days

#10 2021 | Sparkmate

Three weeks ago, Jacques one of our clients asked us to give him advice on hiring peoples!

We are working for already 2 milestones with Jacques and Jean-Raphael in order to help them build a Deep Learning algorithm for the health sector (more news soon), We’ve sparked the project and now it is the time to build a bigger team around the project! We were seeing Jacques and Jean Raphael struggling with hiring so we’ve opened a job position on jointhespark.sparkmate.co.

the job offer we opened for Jacques and Jean-Raphael

And guess what, we closed it in two days. After more than 120 applications in just 48 hours (and yes, we read through all of them!) we processed everything. And we are pleased to announce that Simon and Wenhan got hired into Bovo’s team a week later. Welcome on board guys, happy to work side by side with you!

By now, you must have noticed that at Sparkmate, we do our best for partners’ success: our biggest achievement is helping our clients achieve their goals!

It’s written in our name, we are mates, we are partners, not suppliers; we are not here to do the minimum that is contractually expected of us and never think of our clients once the work is done; we take the opposite approach, we aim to over-deliver and make sure our work not only satisfies but amazes! “Our biggest marketing strategy is to make our job better than anyone else out there”!

Missing a good part of our team, but operating in 3 countries makes it hard to bring everyone to the same place for a picture haha

For our partners reading this newsletter, just WhatsApp me if you need to open a job on our job board! We are super active when it comes to spreading the Sparkmate mission as far as we can: we are growing our operations, working with clients in more countries, expanding our marketing initiatives (new updates coming soon) but the foundation stays the same “We are in love with our clients”,

We are grateful for the exponential interest people have in Sparkmate, thanks all for helping us bringing fresh air into the old world of engineering and the industry! Engineering companies shouldn’t be boring!

Stay tuned and Give the Spark ⚡

The Sparkmate team