Your team wants freedom, not table soccer!

#11 2021 | Sparkmate

Usually when it comes to working atmosphere people speak about all the freeflow coffee, baby-foot, great office design, well that’s part of it but absolutely not the most important things! This week we want to tell you a bit more about what we believe makes a difference!

Hierachy? Kesako

If you pop inside one of our offices (in HK, Paris, or Bucharest) The first thing you will notice in our offices is that we do not believe in a vertical hierarchy. Just by looking around, you would not be able to tell who is the boss: everyone works side-by-side in a friendly and collective environment. In other words, at Sparkmate, you may have a boss, but you shouldn’t get bossed around!

We work to have mentors and collaborators, not commanders. Can you tell who the boss is?

Integration of everyone

You will also notice we are an international team. English is the lingua franca at our hubs, but you will hear people talking with clients and chatting in French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Arabic, and Bielorussian (to name a few). A global firm in the making must also have a global team and every teammate should be able to follow what’s happening no one should be left on the side!

Ownership and accountability

Finally, we always work in collaboration with our clients, so they feel they are doing in-house development! At Sparkmate, making our clients happy is our biggest performance indicator. Without customers, there is no company; we treat each client with individualized attention, sincerity, and integrity.

Having fun is the growth strategy!

And, of course, we have fun! Every project is different from the last: coming to work at Sparkmate never gets mundane. Here, you are always learning, developing new technologies, and creating innovative products that did not exist before you put your hands on them!

We are a united team, both inside and outside the office!

Our goal is to create a global tribe where teammates build fulfilling and exciting lives!

I hope you now know what do we think makes a great working atmosphere, it’s not about sofas and freeflow beer (which we have too 🙃) but about the freedom you offer to your teammates!

And... we saved the best for last: we just opened two new spots for product engineers at our Hong Kong hub! If you know great engineers who want to become Sparkmate mates, send them this link, we can’t wait to share the spark with them!

Stay tuned and give the Spark ⚡

The Sparkmate Team