Big Bird is back, this time with balloons

#12 2021 | Sparkmate

Most of you don’t know it but this summer we started Spark-It, an mentorship/acceleration program for young entrepreneurs who want to launch a tech-centered company! We selected a few projects and tried to give them as much as we could!

In all the applications we saw two familiar faces, Justin and Theo. These two entrepreneurs are coming from the same school Ghislain, Maxime, and I. They aim to decarbonate the aerial sector, a tough challenge no? But these two guys have a super plan to make it! They start with a first small prototype (6 meters long is small, no?), find clients and use cases, demonstrate the outstanding capabilities of their airship, and from that repeat the story with bigger and bigger prototypes! As proud bootstrappers, we could not agree more on the plan and decided to take them onboard Spark it!

The balloon being inflated in our Paris office, to give you an idea of the size of the baby!

They started to work on Harfang, (NDLR the first prototype) in September. In 6 Months they went from an idea to a functional prototype! And you know what’s the cherry on the Cake? They’ve closed one of the biggest grid operators in Europe to provide them data collection on their grid infrastructure! Indeed, Harfang’s outstanding flight time capabilities (more than 20 hours) allow him to fulfill any kind of data collecting missions! For BigBird, the idea of a hydrogen airship that can replace expensive, polluting helicopters for monitoring power lines is immediately obvious.

Our team supporting Theo and Justin during our Rocking Fridays!

If you are as excited as we are about Big Bird you will love to know that they are currently raising a seed round right now In order to build 5 Harfangs and start operating for multiples clients at the same time! Just hit us up if you want an intro with Theo, the CEO, and Co-founder of BigBird!

Long live BigBird! We love you Margaux, Justin, and Theo ❤️

Stay tuned and give the Spark ⚡

The Sparkmate Team!