Virtual Reality War!

#13 2021 | Sparkmate

Virtual reality war

This Friday, at Sparkmate, we will receive Max from Unai who will be telling us about his great journey into the VR world and what we can expect from the industry in the near future! at 16 yo Max made the whole VR world wrong about VR!

in addition to Max, there is a new big player coming into the VR world. We will give you a hint of who it is…

Apple’s new device will immerse users into mixed reality (which combines traditional VR with real-world interactions). The headset is expected to weigh 150 g (less than an iPhone) and have cool features such as:

  • 8K screens

  • Multiple cameras for hand movement tracking

  • Eye-tracking

This is great news for Max and his team, they are going in a good direction!

Sparking all days long

Our Sparkmate, Sarah, Working on our modifying a PCB* for one of our clients

Last week we kicked out the 3rd milestone of the year and wanted to give you some updates on what we are going to be working on these next weeks:

📦 A high-tech care box for the elderly

🔋 Tackling EV charging heads on

♻️ A smart solution for reusable package collect 

☢️ A platform for data management + e-learning in the field of biosecurity 

🚲 Connected locks for bikes in cities

🦷 Deep learning algorithms for the dental industries

As you can see, our team will be busy building new devices, systems, and tech in very different domains this milestone. This is at the heart of what Sparkmate is: a multidisciplinary engineering firm. No matter the needs, we are ready to propel projects!

Stay tuned and give the Spark ⚡

The Sparkmate Team!

*PCB: a Printed Circuit Board mechanically supports and connects electrical/electronic components using conductive tracks, pads, and other features etched from copper sheet layers. At Sparkmate, we often work on PCBs for our clients all the time, creating and making the necessary changes to this vital component, so it works well with the rest of the prototype and supports the features desired by our clients.