Looking for Rockstars: We're Hiring!

#14 2021 | Sparkmate

These days we are super focused on hiring.

We look for rock stars that love building crazy projects with our clients. For that, we need people with an extreme sense of ownership and a maker mindset, which is hard to find and that’s how we do it: we don’t read resumes or check diplomas!

Here’s an extract of our culture deck which highlights why:

🧠 F*&k your resume

We believe that an amazing team is more important than anything else, so we are hardcore on hiring, it's super important for us to have only the best at Spark! When it comes to hiring we never look at resumes, we don't care about badges and other medals; we care about mindset and personality of our future teammates, we want to make sure that our teammates are passionate people with a team-player mindset, strong technical expertise and, above all, the ability to grow and learn by doing in a fast-paced environment! We call out teammates that are not playing collectively, and never forget that our biggest asset is to surround ourselves with amazing people.

We don’t care about a life record, we care about what our future teammates do, and so we ask them to show us what they’ve built. But it’s still important for us to understand their personality, and for that, we’re using an amazing tool called Assessfirst. It’s a test in 3 rounds of multiple-choice questions. These choices reflect personality and priorities and help us to understand if candidates value the same things as us.

The portfolio and Assessfirst results give us enough ground to do the first selection (actually most candidates fail because of not sending a portfolio, most of them don’t have one and it’s a good motivation/determination metric to ask them for one) and move on to calls with preselected candidates. It’s important for us to organize two calls or face to face meetings:

  • One with Max, Ghis or I: Does she/he have the mindset to join Sparkmate? Go / NoGo

  • One with someone from our team: Does she/he will fit with her/his future team? Go / NoGo

  • Final Test in one of our offices: Does she/he has a great potential to be a rockstar at Sparkmate? Go / NoGo

The final test is the best one, it’s basically a half-day spent in one of our hubs, where candidates have a chance to see more of Sparkmate! They get an inside view of the atmosphere, the vibes, the team, and ongoing projects. It’s also where they have a chance to prove to us the hard way that they’re doers and show off their tech abilities. They’ll go through 3 technical tests:

  • Product Design: Can they imagine a complex product and find tangible/cool solutions?

  • Master it: Can they build something cool quickly in your engineering field?

  • Parachute test: Are they doers? We’ll give them something totally out of their expertise and comfort zone, yet still achievable! We’re looking into how people deal with difficulty and the unknown.

Being human-centered is a must and keeping a highly skilled team is a need in order to preserve an exceptional team spirit, no matter what! That’s the best way for us to grow, both for Sparkmate and for every Sparkmate!

If this rings a bell to you, or you know an amazing person that could be part of Sparkmate, this is where the magic begins.

Stay tuned and Give the Spark,
The Sparkmate Team