Smart Locks for City Bikes: Sharelock is Live!

#2 2021 | Sparkmate

💙💙 Sharelock

7 months ago Alexandre and Nicolas came to us with the crazy idea of transforming the city’s poles into secure parking slots! 

Well, a few milestones later, a lot of metal grinding, dozens of prototypes, thousands of lines of code, and even a super small production run (~100 units) made in house by our Paris team, Sharelock was born.

Last week, Sarah and Rémi, two of our Paris teammates, were on the ground with them to deploy the first 30 Sharelocks in Rouen. They even got their first users locking bicycles onto Normandy’s new network of shared locks!

Nicolas, our client, doing a first locking session with a Sharelock (after having installed it)

A thrilling step following months of development, it’s also a key moment for our team to face the terrain and confront our product and tech with reality! Nothing beats the excitement of seeing a product you worked on for months on the ground. We do prototypes that work! ;) Get ready, Sparkmate is broadening its scope! Prototyping is our main activity but as our teams grow we will start to also shake up the design and production fields 😉

Rémi in front of a Sharelock

And the collaboration between Sharelock and Sparkmate is just getting started 😉 There are still tons of challenges (and 70 more locks to finish and install over the coming days).

"A startup is all about addressing a pile of challenges, one by one, whatever your position. Stuff needs to get done. Period." 

Alexandre Molla, Sharelock Co-founder/CEO and one of our beloved customers

Stay tuned and give the Spark ⚡

The Sparkmate team

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