Inflatable Helmets: You Read That Right!

#3 2021 | Sparkmate

Last year, thanks to The Family, we met Bumpair, a startup with a crazy idea: a bike helmet that fits in your pocket. 

Bumpair created this magic helmet from scratch, developing the R&D, materials, and design by itself. After more than 200 prototypes, they had reached a version they were happy with. 

Tim, Bumpair’s co-founder proudly wearing its creation

Now comes the hard part: how to test it?

Bumpair could not “accidentally” run over its clients to test the efficacy of the product. So we did it for them, using machines!

The machine in action for a small 1m crash, the helmet hit the anvil at a 20km/h speed!

While the only 3 places that performed this type of test in France had bureaucratic and long waiting schedules, we created with them their own machine that would test and register impact upon the helmet, thus ensuring they were in accordance with safety laws.

Today, Bumpair can continue to test new versions of its helmet in a fast and secure manner that follows all safety guidelines. Thanks to this machine Bumpair can ensure that their helmets are not only light, compact, and stylish but also safe!

The beast in bumpair’s office (come on you know that amazing stories starts in a garage 😉)

When our clients have a challenge that is giving them a headache, they call us. With Sparkmate, no question is too big and no force too heavy. Just like a Bumpair helmet, we can take whatever comes at us.

Not being able to test our helmet under real life standard conditions was a point of difficulty in our product development. Running the right normative tests ourselves made a lot of sense. It saved us and our users a lot of time. Thanks, Sparkmate!

Thomas Pandraud, co-founder and CEO of Bumpair, and one of our lovely clients

And the amazing new is that they are starting their pre-order if you want a great helmet for your daily bike rides, go and register on

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