Welcome to the tribe, Pedro!

#4 2021 | Sparkmate

This week I wanted to introduce you to our newest Sparkmate: Pedro.

Pedro is coming all the way from Brazil to help us give the spark. He is joining our global team, and we will be expanding Sparkmate all around the world, first by helping Hong Kong, Paris, and Bucharest to grow and then by opening new markets!

Pedro, our newest Sparkmate, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

You can now add Portuguese to the languages spoken at Sparkmate (in addition to English, French, Russian, Italian, Romanian, German and Mandarin!).

He joins Sparkmate after having finished his studies at the University of Southern California and ESCP-Paris and following a placement in J.P. Morgan-London.

“When I heard about Sparkmate, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. The firm is always taking on new and exciting projects; there is something different going on every day. It has been great helping clients find a way to turn their ideas into reality!”

Pedro, our newest teammate

We are happy to have him here with us and looking forward to many more projects together!

Pedro is joining our global team which is fully remote but he wanted to be located in Paris, You can meet him at our office or send him a welcome message at pedro@sparkmate.co or 07 89 48 61 02.

If you want to get the spark, you know who to call 😉

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