New Partner Alert: Pathfinder

#5 2021 | Sparkmate

We met with Pathfinder (a leader in Venture Corporate Builder and expert in the creation of new business models and strategic innovation) a while ago (thanks to The Family, again!), we always thought that we had something to do together but what?! How can a venture builder and a prototyping firm collaborate together?

Well, last week Miguel and I spent some time figuring out this and we are pleased to announce our partnership!

Our collaboration strengthens both firms’ ability to provide concrete solutions to engineering, technology, and IT issues in the construction of new business models. It makes it possible to imagine the products and services of tomorrow by pushing the limits of creativity and guaranteeing radical speed of execution. 

Sparkmate’s prototyping will be integrated into Pathfinder's ideation and testing process for new products and services imagined and produced for corporate groups looking for growth drivers is a guarantee of acceleration and the best way to make tangible suggested solutions. 

We knew our paths would cross soon enough.

While Sparkmate is a leader in the field of rapid prototyping for innovative projects with a global network of high-level engineering teams that help clients move from an idea to a concrete product by imagining, building, and launching operational solutions in the fields of IoT, robotics, and cloud platforms; Pathfinder is a benchmark player in the areas of creating new innovative business models (Corporate Venture Building) and strategic innovation consulting, in the heart of the European Startup Ecosystem.

Founded in 2017 by Miguel de Fontenay (Founder and CEO) and Raphaele Leyendecker (COO), Pathfinder cultivates a unique positioning combining entrepreneurial DNA and knowledge of the strategic challenges of large groups. 

More than ever, it's time to invent, and we are glad we have found a great partner with whom to create and innovate with.

Miguel de Fontenay, Founder, and CEO of Pathfinder

These are just the first steps into a long path ahead for both of us. Together!

Stay tuned and give the Spark  ⚡