Inflatable Helmets: What's next?

#6 2021 | Sparkmate

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about a great machine we created alongside Bumpair, the most compact helmet in the world. Today, we will do the same. Let me introduce you to the second testing machine we created with Bumpair: the Fatigue Bench!

The white plate above the helmet goes down at a selected speed, compressing the Bumpair and collecting data about its physical integrity.

This cool-looking machine simulates inflating and deflating Bumpair’s helmet thousands of times and was a vital part of the company’s development process and quality assurance. Thanks to the Fatigue Bench, Bumpair is able to confidently advertise the safety and durability of its helmet. 

We discovered that a Bumpair helmet can withstand up to 10,000 inflation-deflation cycles, which equals about 7 years of daily usage.

Timothée installing a helmet to be tested in the machine

Our clients come to us with such innovative ideas (have you ever heard of a testing machine for an inflatable helmet?!) that there are usually no similar projects out there from which to build upon. We have to invent and find solutions ourselves and alongside the client, making the most of our multidisciplinary and creative team to deliver a functional product that fulfills the client’s needs and (hopefully) their dreams.

It is our mission to design a beautiful, sustainable and environmentally responsible product. This is in our very DNA: our fabrics are made from 88% recycled materials

Timothée Bergeret, CTO and Co-founder of Bumpair

Now that you know a bit more about how Bumpair helmets are made and how we ensure their safety and durability do not miss the chance to get your hands (or your head) on one. Go to and pre-order yours!

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