We only keep growing, baby!

#7 2021 | Sparkmate

The economy has been hibernating during these cold covid months, Sparkmate has kept on growing non-stop. Since last week we have many new faces to present to you!

Our newest Sparkmates are Jihane and Leo!

Jihane is French, Moroccan, and Swiss and has lived in all these countries. She was part of the first class of 42 schools (like Juliette, Product engineer in our Parisian squad), where she self-learned several computer science topics. 

She has also worked as a consultant for a communication agency in Casablanca and Dubai and as a sales representative at PhD Talent, where she helped connect startups with research experts.

“I share the same values and mindset as Sparkmate; this is why I wanted to join! I knew I wanted to tackle new challenges and be a part of the growth of an ambitious company bringing a positive impact to its clients and society.”

Jihane Ej-Jennane, Sales engineer at Sparkmate

Last week, Leo also came back to the team. He did a summer internship at Sparkmate a few months ago and chose to join Sparkmate full time for its multidisciplinary projects and dynamic, curious environment, where asking questions and learning new techniques is a daily exercise. Things never get boring at Sparkmate!

Most of our teammates became product engineers after meeting with someone who became a role model for them! We feel like it’s our time to give back and encourage vocations! Last week, we also welcomed high school student Emie into the team for 5 days, she got the chance to experience the day-to-day of an engineer for the first time with Juliette!

Emi and Juliette working on an embedded project

And finally, let’s not forget Amaury, a high-school student too. He chose to exchange two weeks of holidays for a two weeks internship at Sparkmate. He is following Leo’s path and getting busy working on hardware projects with the team. He is a passionate maker and loves creating new devices with his hands and seeing the result (one of his cool projects was a skateboard you can fold for easy transportation!).

Leo (left), Marine (center), and Amaury (right) brainstorming new ideas for La Pâtisserie Numerique’s 3D printer for food

If you have younger sisters, brothers, daughters, or sons who want to discover what is our job, just send us a message, we will do our best to take them on board! 😉

Special mention for the young girls you know: Women are under-represented in the tech sector, and it’s not by speaking about it that it will change let’s make it change, join Sparkmate (even for a week or two, just to discover) Tech and Engineering are also for women!

Keep on growing on all fronts. Welcome to the tribe, Jihane, Leo, Emi, and Amaury! With the hiring plans we’ve got I think I will need to do a post every two days if I want to introduce you to everyone 🙃

Give the Spark and stay tuned ⚡

The Sparkmate Team