Micro-mobility, airports, casinos, and ...teeth?

#8 2021 | Sparkmate

What do micro-mobility, airports, casinos, and teeth have in common?

These are the projects we were working on during our first milestone of the year! As you probably know Sparkmate is working with a fixed schedule, we start projects and finish projects every 5weeks and we call this 5weeks period a milestone.

Last week, We delivered the first batch of our projects, During this first milestone, we have:

🦷 Built version 1 of a deep learning solution for biomedical analysis with well-respected dentist researchers and professors!

💸 Developed the MVP of a casino-like cross-platform mobile app for a super young startup

🚨 Built an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for airports.

And obviously, we continued to bring previous projects to a higher stage of development! Sharelock is going wild, getting closer and closer to production and helping them in their quest for building the solution of bike parking in cities (next newsletter dedicated to their very first 2 months pilot in Rouen)

Finishing one milestone also means starting another one, so we are now starting a brand new 5-week iteration and have 2 new product engineers on the team. We can’t wait to share more details about what we will build in the next few weeks for our amazing clients. If you are curious, here is a sneak peek of what we will work on for the next 5 weeks, some of our projects include:

🥡 A connected deposit-return system for a zero-waste world

👴 An IoT device to bring comfort and safety in the life of elderly people

📚 A documentary/e-learning web platform for biosecurity and biosafety

🎙️ An IoT prototype for a remote-podcast recording solution

🤫 And again, some more (we always leave some room for mystery...)

All of this is possible only thanks to our INCREDIBLE product engineering teams, always ready to face new & crazy technical challenges. 😍

During the last weekends we also completely remade our Paris office, We wanted to change it quickly so we chose to go DIY, nothing can stop engineers with a driller! But that’s another story...

Stay tuned and Give the Spark! ⚡