Half the water of your toilet flush could power your home for days 🤯

#22 2021 | Sparkmate

Last month, we launched SparkVault 🔑 for our mates who work with us to connect them with curated tools, resources, relevant partners and perks they can use for their projects! More about this below, check it out ;)

Here’s what we’ve put together for your weekly Spark reads:


Sharelock continues to boost soft mobility across France, and has a new app coming! 📲

Our mates at Sharelock keeps on achieving! 😍 Their innovative shared locks for bikes continue to evolve - to become 3 times lighter, while still being as robust as ever before (note that they’ve only started development in just over a year ago!).

To top it off, they’re also channeling their mobility and security expertise to offer the first bicycle theft insurance app, giving you 100% transparency at the fairest price. A long time coming, especially knowing that 90% of bike users do not insure! The app will leverage unique and proprietary data to offer you tailor-made services.

They are now on track for their first batch of a larger-scale industrial production, and they’ve just officially deployed 100 of those locks across the city of Saint-Ouen near Paris! If you’re around, be sure to try them out. We can’t wait for them to expand globally, and boost soft mobility across the world 🚲

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Amplify your team’s asynchronous communication with Volley 🗣

Asynchronous communication is key to effective communication, especially with a global team working with time differences! And sure, there are messages and voice notes you can send, but why not try video messaging?

Volley is a new, straightforward video messaging app that allows you to open workspaces for different teams, and keep video updates for your team to watch in speeds of 1.25x / 1.5x / 2x. This makes it perfect for sending updates that text messages just can’t convey, and receiving updates quickly and in your own time. You can also send documents through!

Volley is currently 100% free, and is available as a desktop app or mobile app for iOS and Android users. The founders are focusing on perfecting the user experience for now - give it a shot and send them your feedback! #helpamateout

Kill your time-consuming meetings, just use Volley ;)

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Google Analytics is not just for marketing, it’s also for product development 📈

Google Analytics allows you to track website traffic and user behavior through an embedded code you add to your website. It’s nestled in Google’s Marketing Platform brand, and mainly used by marketing teams of all sizes (it’s free!) - but little do many know that it can also be a powerful tool to further improve your product and make data-driven decision.

From examining user behavior through “Behavior Flow” and what they click on in “In Page Reports”, to identifying where they leave in “Exit Pages” and A/B testing with “Experiments”, read 7 ways you can use Google Analytics for your product development!

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Half the water of your toilet flush could power your home for days 💦

71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, and it includes a specific chemical element we can use to completely replace the use of fossil fuels: hydrogen!

A startup in Germany, Enapter, has developed the AEM Electrolyser to separate hydrogen and oxygen atoms from water, emission free! With 2 litres of water (half of toilet flushing water!), you could generate enough hydrogen to power your home for several days.

The best part? They developed it with 1 main idea in mind: to make it accessible and scalable for all - a huge step in promoting renewable energy! They currently have the Electrolyser deployed in more than 100 projects across 33 countries, and are starting mass production in 2023 - keep your eyes peeled 👀

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SparkVault is here 🔑

Building projects or products is hard, but any form of support can go a long way for our fellow entrepreneurs and companies!

So to give back 💛 to mates who work with us, we kickstarted SparkVault 🔑 our library of curated tools, resources, partner networks, and perks that can help bring their projects to success.

We’ve got 100+ partners involved now, with 30+ perks (like getting US$50,000 in credit with Mixpanel, 30% off Bubble.io for 3 months, and US$1,000 off Notion!). We’re looking forward to seeing what our mates build with them!

Exclusive for mates who work with us ;) If you’d like to redeem your SparkVault, email Shaun:

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