Introducing internal podcasts for your team

#20 2021 | Sparkmate

Every time a Sparkmate joins the team, we like to have everyone set 30-mins to meet and get to know them. This only opens doors for possibilities and collaboration, and is how we stay close-knit as a tribe.

But with more and more people joining, this gets a lot harder to do or find time for. So we launched our own internal podcast featuring an introduction to each one of us - professionally, personally and humorously!

Unfortunately we can’t share them with you, tribe secrets 😉 BUT, we’d love to show you how we set it up on Substack and how you can do it for your team too! More about it below.

Here’s what we’ve put together for your weekly Spark reads:


The Digital Bakery wins Startup Contest 2021 🍰

Our mate Marine Coré-Baillais, founder of La Pâtisserie Numérique, has won the Startup Contest 2021 awarded at the 3D Print Congress & Exhibition in Paris! 🎉

Marine is innovating the world of 3D food printing, and is recognized as one of the 12 most influential personalities in additive manufacturing. She’s built Slicer 3D (slicing software specifically developed for food 3D printers), and Cakewalk 3D
(toolkit allowing to temporarily convert one's personal 3D printer into a food 3D printer). Working with her to develop her first prototypes have been awesome - we were fed with lots of printed chocolates and even croissants! 😋

Check them out and say congratulations!


Auto-transcribe anything accurately with HappyScribe 💬

Whether you’re recording a podcast, marketing video, or even for customer feedback, we highly recommend using HappyScribe to transcribe them! We’ve used it for some videos and have been beyond impressed by how quick it transcribes, the quality of transcription (accuracy, picking up specific vocabularies like companies or acronyms, understands a wide variety of accents), special features (adding your own vocabulary, collaboration, adding subtitles) and support (ask for someone to manually proofread your transcription).

Pricing is a pay-as-you-go model, dependent on how many hours of transcription you need at €12/hour.

Try it out


UK schools are using facial recognition for meal payments 🥪

In light of the pandemic, 9 schools in the UK have started using facial recognition technology to make payments for school lunches faster and more hygienic. As soon as students choose their meals, they just look at a camera and go - cutting payments to 5 seconds per student.

97% of parents have opted in, with 65 other schools ready to also use the technology. What do you think about this - a step forward to using tech effectively in schools or are we just normalizing biometric surveillance?

Read more


This bot clears marine waste using AI-vision 🗑

Now isn’t this the sexiest marine-waste cleaning bot? For this year’s World Ocean Day, global gaming brand Razer collaborated with Hong Kong based Clearbot to build a legendary bot! It retrieves marine plastic waste, which is then responsibly disposed. The Clearbot team designs the bots to leverage AI-vision to identify different types of marine plastic waste and collects information regarding these pollutants in the oceans to protect aquatic life. With approximately 11 million tons of plastics in our seas every year, this is exactly what we need!

Watch the bot in action


Internal podcasts for the team 🎙

To help our team get to know more about each other asynchronously, we introduced our internal podcast SparkStories, and it’s been working extremely well! If you’d like to keep your team close as they grow, we highly recommend it.

Setting up the internal podcast is easy with Substack - all you’ll need is a good name, and a recording of each of your teammate (you can do it gradually, doesn’t have to be all in one go!). Add episodes in for each and Substack will help send an internal link for a private feed on their Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or their other favorite channels. Next time you add new episodes, it will automatically update their podcast feed!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting it up:

Set up podcasts with Substack

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