We train like athletes too 😉

#16 2021 | Sparkmate

Happy Wednesday from our team to yours! ;)

Today officially marks the end and start of a new milestone at Sparkmate! Milestones are 5-week cycles for us, and dictates which projects we’ll continue to focus on or start with. And like athletes, we also set up fun new initiatives for the team to keep training and building our tech+engineering knowledge and skills - more on this below!

Here’s what we’ve put together for your weekly Spark reads:


Build websites that are 100% Google SEO optimized with The Secret Company ⚗️

Our mates from The Secret Company is launching 1001websites.co 🎉 Their goal is to develop 1001 websites with content and structures that are 100% Google SEO optimized, focused on niche industries in 5 years! It’s a big goal, but nothing impossible for this group of SEO, content and web development gurus 🤓

Check out 1001websites


The Figma for creatives: Milanote 📝

Used by UX/UI/product designers and even marketers, Milanote is a cool new online whiteboard + tasks management tool you’ll love when needing to collaborate on creative/visual ideas with your team. It allows you to manage your visual projects in one place, add to-dos, upload images, videos and documents, like and comment on different assets, and many more.

Try it out


AI enters the Blockbuster scene 🎬

Could AI take over the industry of making movies? Not exactly - but it’s already making the lives of photographers and videographers a lot easier! Companies like Adobe are exploring this more and more to integrate with tools like PhotoShop and Premier Pro (for videos). With a slide of a button, you can adjust your model/actor’s age, hair, remove and add objects in videos and auto-reframe videos so they’re ready for the dimensions of different social media channels.

Read about it


Introducing SparkChats for professional and personal development 💬

What do you do to keep your team inspired, knowledge polished and skills sharp? In August, we introduced SparkChats to invite guests to exclusively talk about their expertise and provide us with inspiration, new perspectives and deepened learning in various industries. It’s been 2 months in and the team has been loving it! You should try it out for your team ;)

Know other ways we could set our team up for continuous growth? Let us know and we might just try it for the next milestone!

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