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It’s been a while since we released a newsletter, but only because we’ve been cooking a lot of exciting things to prepare us for crazy growth - and we are only getting started baby!

But we are back, and are relaunching newsletters with a new format that we hope you’ll find even easier and more enjoyable to read. Let us know what you think! ;)


Sharelock locks in €4.1 million for their seed round 🚲

It’s been barely a year since we started partnering with Sharelock to create smart, secure locks for city bikes, and already they are winning the hearts and support of many 🥳 We are proud to share their latest achievement in locking in €4.1 million for their seed round just last week! 🎉

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Design websites with no code using Typedream

We found this new no-code tool that helps you create a website in just minutes (we’ve tried it for a couple projects - that’s a real time estimation!). Typedream is a Y Combinator startup and is still in its early stages (i.e. currently can only choose from their available colors and fonts), but is already making website development as easy as ever! Be sure to stay tuned when they release more features.

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These houses fully use wind and solar power… and are 3D printed in steel 🏠

This is project Madre Natura in Sardinia, Italy. It’s been built by innovative architects to make full use of natural inclination of terrain and the environment. The houses are designed to let wind pass through, and harvest energy from both wind and the sun! There are no stairs either, so residents would use the natural terrain instead!

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Sparkmate gets a new look

We’re not saying goodbye to our previous branding at all, we still use the same logos - we’ve just worked on enhancing it to reflect and unify our global presence 🤘 So say hello to more colors than the Voltage Blue, branded emoji’s (oh how we love them), other graphic “sketchy” elements and a fresh new website soon!

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